Cha Soul Stress Soother Organic Herbal Tea



Anxiety Relief, Stress Support, Natural Headache and Pain Relief, with full-leaf Lemongrass and Pandan, 20 Biodegradable Tea Bags made from corn cob

  • TEA THAT’S GOOD FOR YOU: RELAX, EASE ANXIETY & REDUCE STRESS – have you been feeling anxious, nervous or stressed? Do you want to start or get back on the path of feeling calm and collected? You can start with a simple cup during the day or at bed-time. The Stress Soother is a blend of organic herbs we have formulated to nurture a state of calm, well-being, relieve the feelings of anxiety and tension by calming the nervous system without feeling drowsy.
  • RELIEVE BODY PAIN & ACHES – suffer from regular headaches, chest pains, ear aches, stomach cramps, menstrual cramps/stomach spasms due to inflammation or infection? This blend is for you. The potent anti-inflammatory properties of Lemongrass and Pandan Herbs together are a powerful natural pain reliever for the body, and stop the release of certain inflammation-causing markers in your body.
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY CHOLESTEROL AND BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS – LOWERS BLOOD CHOLESTEROL: organic lemongrass promotes healthy cholesterol levels in your blood and unobstructed flow of blood in your arteries. Studies show that regular consumption prevents the accumulation of lipids in blood vessels. LOWER BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: organic Pandan herbs are proven to lower the plasma glucose in blood to healthy levels.
  • NATURAL SOLUTION NO NASTY STUFF! – We believe our functional herbal teas are the best on the market. Unlike other herbal supplements or teas, our mind and body STRESS SOOTHER contains 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC Lemongrass & Pandan Herbs. 100% Pesticide-free and sustainably sourced, no nasty chemicals or sweeteners. Even our tea-bags are biodegradable. There’s no fine print or gimmicks! We want your body and mind to feel good. Our tea comes directly to you, from our organic farm in Northern Thailand.
  • SUPER BLEND – This herbal tea is formulated based-on the super powerful health benefits of Lemongrass and Pandan Leaves, used for centuries in traditional medicine in South East Asia. How does it Taste? It’s surprisingly refreshing, from the Citrus Lemon taste from the Lemongrass combined with the subtle sweet vanilla notes of the Pandan.

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