Balipura Aura Bracelet ''Pure Love'' 2mm Natural Healing Gemstones Crystals



Amazonite, Rose Quartz Among Others – 925 Silver Beads – Handmade in Bali – Blessed by a Balinese Priest

  • CRYSTAL AURA WRISTLET – Rose Quartz, Jade, Chrysoprase, Aventurine & Amazonite. Enhances unconditional love, opens heart chakra to compassion & understanding.
  • PURE LOVE – amplifies and harmonises love and understanding. It assists the transition from defensiveness or blockage to compassion, integration and expansion, this allows you to easily experience unconditional love and harmony.
  • 2MM GEMSTONE CRYSTALS WITH SOLID 925 SILVER SPACER BEADS – fully cleansed with Balipura cleansing protocol, charged under the elements (sea water, sun, moon and the different directions) to give the extra kick support to your healing process! Adjustable to any size.
  • HANDMADE & BLESSED by a Balinese priestess UNDER A FULL MOON CELEBRATION to strengthen and elevate the healing vibration of the bracelets. Deepen and anchor your cleansing process by wearing our hand beaded crystal wristlets.
  • THE BALIPURA PHILOSOPHY – At Balipura we believe that inner peace and wellbeing can help you to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Our products are designed to help you find spiritual harmony in everyday life. BALIPURA is proud to be part of “Solemen” – a non – profit organisation that provides direct support and funding for disadvantaged in Bali.