The Laws of Great Enlightenment: Always Walk with Buddha Paperback



Constant self-blame for past mistakes, setbacks, or failures, and being unable to forgive others for the pain and hardship that they have caused us, are inner pains that we may not easily overcome. Through the power of enlightenment, which author Ryuho Okawa explains in modern and accessible terms, we can learn to forgive ourselves and others, overcome life’s problems, and courageously endeavor a brighter future.

The Laws of Great Enlightenment addresses the core problems of life that people often struggle with and offers concrete advice on how to overcome them based on spiritual truths.

Chapter 1 extends guidance to people who may be struggling to forgive themselves for past mistakes and delicately frames how we can master our mind to cease living at the mercy of our emotions.

Chapter 2 offers counsel to those who have hardships that they want to escape from and are struggling with thoughts of suicide and depression. Okawa teaches that by focusing our mind on living better lives, instead of blaming our imperfections or the flaws of others, we can heal our inner anguish.

Chapter 3 teaches how we can learn to balance both our spiritual and worldly skill, so that we may live in tandem with spiritual values in a modern society.

Chapter 4 illustrates the beautiful world of enlightenment through the lens of an enlightened person. Visualize a world where everyone is connected with one another and to the great universe. By deepening our understanding of the inner world, it is certain to bring forth the joy of cultivating a deeper spiritual awareness.

Chapter 5 offers sound advice for achieving inner peace. Through the practice of self-reflection, meditation and prayer, we can feel oneness with the Great Being and find peace in any given circumstance.

By reading this book, you will be able to find positive and profound meaning in your life and play a proactive role in creating a better world.

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