Through a Cat's Ear: Music for Calming 1



Calming Cat Sounds

Through a Cat’s Ear—A Breakthrough in Feline Music & Sound Therapy If your cat is stressed or fearful, howls, fights, or has difficulty settling and sleeping, now you have a tool to help—without resorting to pharmaceuticals. Through a Cat’s Ear: Music for Calming is the first in a series specifically designed for the feline household. Building on the clinically demonstrated Through a Dog’s Ear programs, here is music crafted specifically for cats to addresses their need for environmental consistency. Clinical research shows that cats prefer their homes to be stable and consistent—sudden changes such as strangers, different food, additional animals, loud noises, and illness can cause stress to their nervous systems. The music in Through a Cat’s Ear uses the psychoacoustic technique of “sonic anchoring”—a repeating melodic interlude—to bring a sense of constancy and familiarity into the environment that enhances your cat’s health, happiness, and behavior. Music for Calming is recommended during these times: Car rides, Dealing with visitors, other pets, or new babies, Coping with loud noises such as storms or nearby construction, Being around stressed people, Illness, recovery, and before and after surgery, Poor elimination behaviors, Final stages of life. This soundtrack employs bioacoustic principles including resonance, entrainment, pattern identification, and frequency modulation—all woven into beautiful piano soundtracks.